1. High Rise (Toronto)

  2. Endless train rides, in such a harsh climate. (Canada)

  3. (The photo taken on Diamond Head 2013)

    I’m having trouble sleep. I need to sleep, tomorrow today meeting might just shift my life altogether.

  4. (I wasn’t going to include a photo, but I decided to when I finished writing, my rival and I hiking)

    This is the most wonderful film, I’ve have seen in my life (Age 22). I have never felt so much intensity and pressure being build up, I felt connected with the character in the film. I have a rival Tim (Niki Lauda) and me (The James Hunt without girls).

    When we are together, the relationship is like no other (more Lauda and Hunt). It’s probably the main reason why when I’m competing against him in Oahu, I’ve always been a better person (pushing that limit) and pushing his (the last I remember I called him a coward and disappointed for not facing his fear on that rock bridge, I can’t have a rival go all soft on me) , I always hated his gut and his stupid stubborn cool attitude.

    Right now he is out graduating soon at Yale, right now I’m still young. I’m not going to that guy a break. You better believe I’m not letting it go, I’m always going to top you. Man, it’s right, what ever is between us run deeper.

  5. (Night Photography at Tantalus, Oahu)

    I’m a big fan of Carl Sagan, and here a quote I enjoy from him.

    “One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.”
    ― Carl Sagan

  6. (The most fun hike of them all in Oahu, Hawaii)

    I’ve been reading so much these past few days, been sleeping so much as well, I’m getting stronger slowly, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion (gist from Muhammad Ali).

    Another favorite Chinese Writer wrote something, I really enjoy!

    The kind of love that endures is different: it is quiet, it is patient, and it is, in many ways, very boring.

    It’s the kind of love that accepts their partner in their entirety - blemishes and all.

    It’s the kind of love that builds up others, with no agenda or expectation of reciprocity.

    It’s the kind of love that is fearless and unafraid to be the one which loves the other more.

    It’s the kind of love that doesn’t see the other party as a object to possess, show off or “win,” but part of a greater “us,” a team capable of building great things together that neither can accomplish on their own.

    The kind of love that understands and accepts their own strengths and flaws and that of their partner without judgement … and knows how they best dovetail together.

    The kind of love which takes delight in encouraging/sharpening their partners’ strengths, while gracefully accepting their weaknesses and flaws.

    The kind of love that knows and sees you in your worst, most ungracious and horrible moments … and loves you anyway.

    That kind of love kicks the shit out of the horomone-filled First Love you experienced as a teenager.

    But it takes some time to realize it.

    God knows, it’s taken me decades.

  7. (My first sunset on a New Years (2014), surely beautiful)

    My sickness is getting better, slowly, I recently got back into climbing. I tend to like to get a lot of attention when I’m sick (so when something does happen to me, they will know). I’ve been in so many accidents and sickness that it’s important someone is there for me.

    It’s happens to help me find who my true friends are, to bare the annoyance I give them. These are my supporters, I will always cherish them with all the love I’m capable to give. #throughthickandthin

  8. (Photo above is some fun at Nagoya Bike Polo)

    I’m actually relieved, I’ve been home for 3 days straight, fallen in sickness, with the exception of going out for food.

    I’ve been reading on some stuff about my favorite writer Jane Chin, she talked a few items that resonate with myself.

    - Reminding myself that I get to choose my own life’s truth.
    - Surrounding myself with people who support my truth.
    - Eliminating influences & people who demand that I pretend to be someone I am not.

    When I feel doubting myself, I look back in my memories when I was a kid. I remember joking around and playing dirty jokes with my friends, it was never too bad haha, but fun and we all end up laughing together. These memories helps me keep the fun and positive attitude. Life is fun and exciting.

    So, if you force me to be someone I am not, they you suck, and I don’t need you in my life.

  9. I remember you told me, if not showed me

    how your story may not have a happy beginning, that doesn’t make you who you are, it’s the rest of your story who you choose to be, that makes you who you are"

    I’m grateful to have an amazing rival.